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Help your child start their digital citizenship in the safest way possible.

We've worked hard to create a safe social media experience that lets kids chat, connect with friends, play games, and express themselves. Be confident in your choice to allow your child to use Grom Social as a safe social networking site by checking out our Safety Page, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.


24/7 Live Monitoring

At Grom Social, we have a cast of real live people who monitor the site 24/7 for inappropriate content and troublesome users. They are also available to answer questions or address any concerns that your child might have while on site. Your child can chat with a real live Grom Helper anytime they are logged into their profile.

Grom Helpers also encourage internet safety, no-bullying and healthy lifestyle choices.

There are many ways for members to communicate with each other on Grom Social. In all instances where members interact with each other, their activities are monitored by Grom Helpers, and available for parent review with the Parent Portal. Visit our Safety Page to learn more about Grom Social safety features.

Parent Portal

Grom Social has a Parent Portal that gives parents control over their child's account and the ability to monitor their activity. Would you rather be emailed? No problem, you can set up email notifications specific to your child’s activities on Grom Social.

  • Monitor Activity

    Inside your Parent Portal, you can set privacy settings and see everything your child is doing on Grom Social.

  • Email Notifications

    Set an email notification to receive notice of any specific activity your child is doing on Grom Social.

  • Manage Friends

    Parents can review and control who their child is friends with by removing or blocking friends on their child’s account.

  • Suspend Account

    We understand that spending time online can be viewed as a privilege. Should the need arise, you have the option of suspending your child’s account.

Grom Features

At Grom Social, we believe that every kid deserves to be as great as they want to be.

Once you approve your child's account, they will have access to all of the Grom features.

  • User Profile

    Groms create their own personalized profile where they can customize a Gromatar, post photos and status updates and keep up with their friends.

  • Chat

    Groms can chat with Grom Helpers and other members that they are friends with. Parents can monitor all chat conversations through their parent portal.

  • Make Friends

    Groms can send and receive friend requests to and from other parent approved members. Parents can monitor and control who their grom accepts as a friend.

  • Play Games

    There’s over 60 games to keep Grom gamers playing, learning and exploring!

  • Watch Videos

    All of our videos are fun and family-friendly. Grom TV features exclusive content made For Kids By Kids. Grom members also have the opportunity to share their own #MyGromLife video creations on site.

  • Become a Fan

    Groms can follow Grom Fan Pages to keep up with their favorite interests and learn about new things. Topics range from sports to fashion - there's something for everyone!

Mobile Application

Now Your Child Can Keep Up With Their Profile from the palm of their hand.

The Grom Social mobile app uses the same permissions as the desktop application. Children will only be allowed to access features their account allows them to.

Apple iOS App Google Play Android App

Approve Your Child

The only way a child can interact directly with any other children on Grom Social is with Verifiable Parental Consent. Parents give Verifiable Parental Consent using one of three methods that are approved by COPPA (Child's Online Privacy Protection Act).

Signed Permission Slip

First, print the permission slip

Then, complete the permission slip with all required info and mail it to:

Grom Social
P.O. Box 1851
Myrtle Beach, SC 29578

Your Grom account will be activated within one week.

(This is the slowest method of parent verification. Some accounts may take longer than one week depending on US mail delivery process.)

Parent Phone Call

1-866-618-GROM (4766)

BRAZIL:+55 1149509262

A Parent or Guardian can call the number above to speak with one of our trained Grom Social representatives!
Our representative will help you verify your Grom account and send you an email when the verification is complete.

(Grom representatives are only English speaking. The call center hours are 7am-9pm Eastern US Time only. Accounts will be activated within 24 hours of phone call.)

Pay $1

Use the button below to access the secure pay wall.
A quick one-time payment of $1.00 for verification and to ensure your child's online safety and your peace of mind!

(This is also the quickest form of verification!)

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