Grom Features

At Grom Social, we believe that every kid deserves a fun social network of their own.
Below are just some of the features you get with your Grom Social account.

  • User Profile

    Groms create their own personalized profile where they can customize a Gromatar, post photos and status updates and keep up with their friends.

  • Chat

    Groms can real-time chat with Grom Helpers and other friends they make.

  • Make Friends

    Groms can send and receive friend requests to other Groms on the site from around the world.

  • Play Games

    Play games, challenge friends, share your score and get placed on the leader board.

  • Watch Videos

    Watch, share, like, comment and even submit your own videos to have a chance to appear in our Grom Spots.

  • Become A Fan

    Follow Grom Fan pages to keep up with your favorite interests.

Meet The Grom Helpers

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Team 1



I created Grom Social when I was 12 years old. Join today and become a part of our awesome community.

Team 2



I love to chat and gossip about celebrities, fashion and what is trending. Once you join, we can start chatting right away.

Team 3


The Gamer

Challenge me in one of our exclusive Grom games. Not to brag, but I am pretty good so watch out!

Team 1



I am from Brazil and love to meet new people and learn about different cultures.

Team 1



I love all sports. Let's chat about our favorite teams and game highlights.

Team 1

Savvy Sue

Tech Savvy

Having trouble with the site? Ask me just about anything and I can help you.

Team 1

Genius Joe

Genius Inventor

I love using science and the latest technology to create new things. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Team 1


Support Robot

Genius Joe created me to help out at the Grompound. He equipped me with a funny bone to keep us laughing.

Team 1


Aka: Daredevil Dawson

I love adventure and I'm up for anything. Watch me fly, and catch me if you can. There isn't a stunt I won't try!

Team 1

Pumped-Up Paul


I'm here to get you pumped up about staying fit. Exercise can be fun and makes you feel better about yourself.

Team 1

Marathon Mary


Eating right and good nutrition are important to your health. If you try it, you might just like it.

Team 1



I look different and know what it's like to be bullied. Take a stand with me and dare to be different.

Team 1

Dan the Developer


I am keeping one eye out for problems on the site. I make sure everything is running smoothly.

Team 1

Skate Ray

Action Sports

I love skateboarding, but all action sports are sick! Become my friend and let's share some footage.

Team 1

Charred Charlie


Learn from my mistakes. Don't let the wrong friends peer pressure you into making bad decisions.

Grom Games

Preview some of our game titles below.


Grom Mobile Apps

Keep up with your Grom friends from anywhere.

  • Profile Pages

    Manage your Grom profile on the go. Post status updates and photos on your wall from the palm of your hand.

  • Notifications

    Never miss a friend reaching out to you. With mobile notifications, you will always know when you receive a friend request, a like or someone shares your post.

  • Messaging

    Keep in touch with friends on the go with Grom messaging.

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The Grompound

The Grompound is Grom Social headquarters and home to Zach and all of the Grom Helpers. Anything is possible at the Grompound! It’s an awesome place for Groms to hang out, where everything is By Kids For Kids!


Techtopia is all about innovation and new ideas. It's also the home planet of Grom Helper, Dan the Devloper. If you are into technology and creating a better future, then this is the planet for you!


Skaturians are crazy about action sports and have taken skateboarding to the extreme. They skate the Ring which circles the entire planet and have built ramps that produce insane g-force! If you're up for action, Skaturn is the planet for you!


All of the people on Gromallpolis are in the “what’s trending” state of mind. If you love to shop, gossip about celebrities or just want to make a super cute pet, Gromallpolis is the planet for you!




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